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Doctor David Ikudayisi is counted amongst the leading Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Cosmetic physicians in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Click on one of the procedures to learn more.

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Dr. David Ikudayisi

Dr. David Ikudayisi is a Board Certified Internist with strong passion for Regenerative Medicine, who started developing a great interest in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Medicine at the end of his fifth year in medical school, when he was doing an elective clinical clerkship at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Paris, France under the supervision of Dr. Sherriff in 1995. In USA, he assisted in various cosmetic surgeries at a Cosmetic Surgical Center in Philadelphia, PA in USA from 1998 to 2000 before starting his residency program in Internal Medicine.

Dr. David Ikudayisi was born in West Africa, and he attended the Best Medical College in Russia - Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, where graduated with flying colors. After graduation, he came to United States of America to further his education.

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Dr. Ikudayisi


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Dr. Rogers


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Clients & Testimonials

"About 3 months ago, I had PRP Hair Restoration Therapy. I was loosing a lot of hair, very often handfuls. Since the treatment, I no longer have hair loss. My hair looks and feel fuller. What a miracle! Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi"
Linda S.
"I had the Vampire facial done about 3 weeks ago at Glory. I had very little down time and very little pain. My face is smoother and firmer than it has been in years. Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi and your staff for helping me look younger."
SS - Lakeland, FL
"It has been about three to four months since I have had my Breast lift done. I was very unhappy with how my breast looked. Then I had the breast lift done and I'm very happy with the volume increase after the breast lift and after three months you would think that I would have lost the volume, but no, my breast are still looking great."
R. Aronson
"I am very happy about the procedure and the outcome. Thank you Dr. Ikudayisi! "
"A couple of months ago, I walked into the clinic of Dr. David Ikudayisi for P-Short. The procedure was done without pain or complication."
"3 months ago, I had PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration done at Glory Wellness Center & Weight Loss Clinic. The procedure was done without pain or complication. I noticed in recent time after 3 months, that my hair has started growing again. What a miracle, thank God and thank Glory Wellness Center."
"Friends say I look 20 years younger! I feel great."
Kat - Lakeland, FL
"It has been about 2-3 months since I have and the chemical peel done by Dr. David Ikudayisi, and I'm still getting lots of compliments on how good my skin look on my face and I have someone ask me how I still have such a wonderful glow. I am very happy with the results I got from my chemical peel. "
"After I had a Chemical Peel done my face felt firm and smooth. The procedure took less than 15 minutes. Two days later I began to peel. I have not felt any burning or irritation on my skin. "
"I lost weight and the inches were gone. I could see definition in my abdominal area. Also, my energy level increased allowing me to get back to doing things I use to with my children and motivated to continue reaching my goals."
"I am so excited that I decided to do this procedure with Dr. Ikudayisi. He was so attentive the whole time asking me how I was doing, am I okay, and the medical assistant that was helping him was also very pleasant. I only wear very little mineral powder for make-up and my face looks great, it's smooth, radiant and exactly what I was expecting from this procedure."
A.C. - New Port Richey, FL
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Society of Bariatric Physicians
Vampire FaceLift®
University of South Florida
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Photo Gallery

Pics Mask
Botox 1 - Before Treatment
Botox 1 - After Treatment
Botox 2 - Before Treatment
Botox 2 - After Treatment
Botox 3 - Before Treatment
Botox 3 - After Treatment
Lip Augmentation 1 - Before Treatment
Lip Augmentation 1 - After Treatment
Lip Augmentation 2 - Before Treatment
Lip Augmentation 2 - After Treatment
Lip Augmentation 3 - Before Treatment
Lip Augmentation 3 - After Treatment
PRP 1 - Before Treatment
PRP 1 - After Treatment
Vampire Breast Lift 1 - Before Treatment
Vampire Breast Lift 1 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 1 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 1 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 2 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 2 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 3 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 3 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 4 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 4 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 5 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 5 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 6 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 6 - After Treatment
Weight Loss 1 - Before Treatment
Weight Loss 1 - After Treatment
Weight Loss 2 - Before Treatment
Weight Loss 2 - After Treatment
Vampire Facelift 1 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facelift 1 - After Treatment
Vampire Facelift 2 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facelift 2 - After Treatment
Vampire Facelift 3 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facelift 3 - After Treatment
Vampire Facial 7 - Before Treatment
Vampire Facial 7 - After Treatment
PRP Hair 1 - Before Treatment
PRP Hair 1 - After Treatment
PRP Hair 2 - Before Treatment
PRP Hair 2 - After Treatment

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