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Vampire Facelift and PRP Therapy Explanation

Explanation of vampire face lift and PRP Therapy by Dr. David Ikudayisi

Vampire Facelift Procedure

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration

Procedure helps women who are losing hair - PRP Therapy. Also effective in men.

Dr. David Ikudayisi

O Shot and Vampire Breastlift Testimonial

Tina is one of the patients in tampa bay area treated on the first day of o shot and vampire breastlift procedures at glory wellness center in tampa, fl by dr. David ikudayisi - the o-shot done on 08-28-2014

Testimonial of Vampire Facelift and O-Shot by Angela

O-Shot for Urinary Incontinence

O-Shot Testimonial from Our First O-Shot Patient

Testimonial from the very First Patient that had O-Shot procedure done by Dr. David Ikudayisi at Glory Wellness Center, Tampa, FL

O-Shot in News

Priapus Shot (R) procedure explained by the inventor, Charles Runels, MD.

Md Pen Micro Skin Needling Of The Forehead

Vampire Facelift in News

O-Shot for Urinary Stress Incontinence

O-Shot (R) Video - Official Explanation

Vampire Breast Lift (TM) and Vampire Nipple Lift (TM) descirbed.

Vampire Facelift (R) Explained by the Inventor

O Shot (R) Reviews

Allevio™ - Under Fluoroscopic Guidance



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